Baby Love!

Between having my daughter (over three years ago), and now (with our second on the way)- it really seems like products for mom and baby are becoming more efficient and stylish! I have been pleasantly surprised by the difference three years makes, in shopping for a little one. I want to share a few products that have caught my eye, and a couple that I would love to try.

First, let's just talk about Target lately... They sure do know exactly what they are doing when I run in to pick up laundry detergent and come out with an incredible upholstered mid mod bench! Between the big brand collaborations, and in house labels; Target is on fire like never before. This includes what they have to offer for mom and babies. Loving the modern line of Itzy Ritzy teething products that are both, trendy and affordable! Included is this chevron pendant necklace and adorable cactus teether! I first learned of Itzy Ritzy on a Target run, but this brand can be found through additional retailers. 

Also, all things Cloud Island, at Target. From swaddles to baby bedding, it is all simply adorable. A favorite is their monthly milestone baby blanket with felt marker. Lovely for documenting baby's growth!


Next up, Pottery Barn Kids. You had me at Justina Blakeney all the things! Her PB Kids Collection is perfection! The happy sun raffia shelf looks playful for baby, and elevates Mom's jungalow style!  Also, at PB Kids, is the bassinet of my dreams. So much so, that I ordered as soon as I saw "sale". The only thing that could make this rattan beauty any better, is a sweet babe. 


So, one thing I did not understand before having a baby was just how demanding breast feeding really is. Once I was attached to baby or a pump, for several hours a day, for months- I GOT IT! My mind was recently blown, when I saw that if I want to pump while sitting in traffic, it is now possible. Maybe this is nothing new, but news to me! Willow wearable breast pump is cordless, with no external tubes or bottles. Pictured below, Willow can be inserted in bra, and milk volume can be tracked with an app.

Say whaaaat?! I cannot imagine all of the necessary activities that will be complete, with this saint of a breast pump. As for the price point, Willow is a bit of an investment. In case you're wondering if your insurance may cover the expense, here is what I found on their website:

"Is the Willow Pump covered by insurance?

Some women have told us they’ve been able to obtain full or partial reimbursement for their Willow Pump through insurance. The Willow Pump is currently an out-of-network breast pump, but women have told us some insurance companies will reimburse 70% or even 100% of the cost of out-of-network pumps. We recommend you contact your insurance provider to see if they will cover some or all of the cost of the pump."

Definitely checking into this myself, as it sounds like a miracle!

Overall, I'm feeling like maintaining style and efficiency in motherhood, is definitely getting easier- thanks to insightful designers! For this mom, there isn't much more I could ask for. If you have any favorite mom products, I would love to know about them. Drop a line in the comments, or send an email to: